Currently Available Rentals:


To put in a Rental Application for one of our properties, please go to On-Site>Renters>Apply to a Property & enter “Loyal” in the Property ID Box, Select “Loyal Realty Mgmt (F)” then follow the instructions given:     


Where to Send Your Rent Check:
Loyal Property Management
2400 NW 80th St
PMB 304
Seattle WA 98117

There are 2 ways to pay your rent.

US MAIL: Please mail your rent check to the address above. Postage is required

DROP OFF: You can drop off your rent check, placed inside an envelope with the address above printed on the outer envelope. No postage is required. DROP OFF at The Mailbox Store on the corner of 24th & NW 80th during their normal business hours.  Please hand your check to a clerk at the front counter. DO NOT PLACE IN THE OUTGOING MAIL box.  Thank you!

LATE FEE POLICY: Rents received after the 5th of each month must include a late fee of $50 per day up to the maximum of 10% of total rent due. This fee cannot be waived.